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Wednesday, August 3 2011

How to register and play the game

First, register on the english version of niconico douga. Everything is in english, so it should be pretty simple.

With your english account, you can now login on the japanese version of niconico douga. It's in japanese, but it isn't that hard really, the first box is to enter your e-mail adress, and the second is for your password. Then, just use the big blue button.

Now that you have logged in, you can use the application.

Here! You can play and maybe look at the other helpful articles here.

Tuesday, August 2 2011

Starting the game

When you first start the game, you will be introduced to the character creation by Sanae. The screenshots on this article are fully translated.001.jpg
Then, you will have to customize your team's emblem and name. 002.jpg
You can put whatever you want, it isn't that important since everything can be changed later. 003.jpg
You'll then be able to chose your team's uniform. Sanae will choose the goal keeper and the away uniforms (used when your opponent has the same uniform as you), but you'll be able to customize everything in detail later. 004.jpg
You'll then get your first teammates. For this, the game will grant you 3 free Capsule drawings. Get familiar with the concept of Capsule drawings as you will often see this. 005.jpg
This time, your free capsule drawings will give you some Captain Tsubasa characters, among the famous ones, from the Ootomo Quartet to Tsubasa. 006.jpg
Sanae will bring the rest of the team, which will consist of players from Captain Tsubasa teams, but those who are almost unknown.007.jpg
Sanae will then present you your HOME screen, where you'll have access to all the game's modes and updates. When you load the game, it'll always bring you to this screen. 008.jpg
For now, Sanae will ask you to choose scenario mode. Do so, then after a while, she will point out the charge button under your play points. Use it, and you'll get more play points. This is the effect of an item called Stamina Drink. However, you'll have to buy niconico points to get those items, so forget it if you don't want to invest money. You'll still be able to win some in other game modes. 009.jpg
After one or two trainings, your character will level up. What Sanae is saying is pretty self explanatory. There is no real good choice. Just level him up the way you want to. 010.jpg
When you'll get a bunch of good CT cards, your character may seem not worthy, and you might want to give up on him. Don't! Keep on training him, with a level cap at 150, he'll eventually have better stats than anyone.

There! With the game tutorial being over, you can now play the game as you want.