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Tuesday, December 6 2016

Captain Tsubasa Rising sun Chapter 43 spoilers

Chapter 43 spoilers!

You've been warned!


Cover with Germany players on top and Brazil players on bottom. Schester is indeed number 10, either it was a mistake last time, or it wasn't Schester wearing n°7 in chapter 42.

Teigerbran is part of the team!

Brazil is keeping their cool, saving their strength since they know they'll advance to the knockout stage anyway.

But Schneider, with the humiliation of the world youth in mind, with the help of Kaltz and Teigerbran, is scoring the first goal (already!!!) with a left leg jumping volley (the name maybe wrong).

Brazil can't break their pace and with the help of Kaltz, Schester and Margus, Schneider is scoring a second one with a fire shot!

Thursday, December 1 2016

Another Series chapter 157


Another 157 has been released!

Tuesday, November 15 2016

Captain Tsubasa Rising sun Chapter 42 spoilers

Chapter 42 spoilers!

You've been warned!


First spoilers for chapter 42.

You've been warned.

Just one frame for Argentina-Netherlands. (Looks like Argentina won)

The teams qualified in Group A, B and C are known.

Japan went to see Germany-Brazil since they'll play against the loser. Tsubasa is quickly surrounded by fans and Wakabayashi admits to Ishizaki that even him isn't as popular in Germany. just like Hyuga and Aoi in Italy.

Natureza, Santana and Rivaul are on the bench!

Schneider will play with the humiliation of the World Youth in mind. We discover that Muller wasn't the only one injured: Schneider was, too! And... Didn't play! Kick-off, Schneider with the ball...

The end!

Another Series chapter 149


Another 149 has been released!

Wednesday, November 9 2016

Another Series chapter 148


Another 148 has been released! Misugi is finally starting his 15 minutes of play of FC Tokyo's opening match!

Wednesday, November 2 2016

Captain Tsubasa Rising sun Chapter 41 spoilers

Chapter 41 spoilers!

You've been warned!


For CT's 35 years, there's an illustration and message from Tsujitomo (Giant Killing) inside, can be seen on the magazine's cover.

Color cover of Misaki with the gold medal.

Looks like Brazil - Germany isn't for now, but that means it may be more developped than, say, Brazil - China, with a few chapters. The focus of the chapter is Japan - Nigeria, Japan is already leading 2-0, 35 minutes into the second half.

Aoi will be subbed out for Sawada, who'll be playmaker, while Tsubasa will play Volante along with Matsuyama.

Kanda will make an appearance as a lightweight boxing representative of Japan, as well as the softball team thinking on their tactic to take on the american team.

Double Volante Tsubasa-Matsuyama is stopping Ochado, the former "Meiwa quartet" (Hyuga-Wakashimazu-Misaki-Sawada) will score the 3rd goal.

EDIT: Spoilers confirmed on nicolito's website. Additional information:

-Hat trick for Hyuga

Sunday, May 10 2015

This blog won't be updated

This blog's information related to the Captain Tsubasa: Let's make a dream team won't be updated from now on.

Thursday, April 30 2015

Tsubasa points capsule draws

From 4/30 22:00 to 5/11 17:59, there are Tsubasa points capsule draws available in the shop section, each increasing your stock by +1.

Login stamp golden week version

From 4/30 22:00 to 5/31 21:59, there is a new login stamp game.

For every day you log in, you'll get a new "stamp". There is a bonus present for a specific number of days.

Prizes are as follows:

  • 1 day: 1 x Gold or more 2002/G23/V ticket.
  • 2 days: 1 x Gold training ball.
  • 3 days: 1 x Gold or more 2002/G23/V ticket.
  • 4 days: 2 x Stamina drink.
  • 5 days: 15.000 Tsubasa points.
  • 6 days: 1 x Gold training ball.
  • 7 days: 4 x Stamina drink.
  • 8 days: 1 x Gold+ or more 2002/G23/V ticket.
  • 9 days: 2 x Stamina drink.
  • 10 days: 5 x Training ball.
  • 11 days: 10.000 Tsubasa points.
  • 12 days: 5 x Training ball.
  • 13 days: 10.000 Tsubasa points.
  • 14 days: 1 x Gold+ fusion ball.
  • 15 days: 1 x Platinum or more 2002/G23/V ticket.
  • 16 days: 15.000 Tsubasa points.
  • 17 days: 7 x Training ball.
  • 18 days: 2 x Stamina drink.
  • 19 days: 7 x Training ball..
  • 20 days: 15.000 Tsubasa points.
  • 21 days: 1 x Platinum+ or more 2002/G23/V ticket.
  • 22 days: 2 x Stamina drink.
  • 23 days: 20.000 Tsubasa points.
  • 24 days: 1 x Platinum Training ball.
  • 25 days: 1 x Dream or more 2002/G23/V ticket.
  • 26 days: 1 x Stamina drink.
  • 27 days: 1 x Stamina drink.
  • 28 days: 1 x Stamina drink.
  • 29 days: 1 x Stamina drink.
  • 30 days: 1 x Stamina drink.
  • 31 days: 1 x Stamina drink.
  • 32 days: 1 x Stamina drink.

You don't have to login every day, just make sure to login enough days to get the prizes you want: which means login at least 25 days within the stamp game period to get the Dream draw, for example.

Thursday, April 23 2015

4th anniversary free capsule draws

In addition to the daily free draw, from 4/23 to 4/30 21:59, there's a free draw giving out 4 cards with a minimum grade of gold. Just look for a free draw in the shop with "4th anniv." on it. You can use it only once in that time period.

Strengthening campaign

From 4/23 18:00 to 4/30 21:59, the experience earned by players in the strengthening process is doubled.

Thursday, April 16 2015

Medal shop discount

From 4/16 18:00 to 4/23 17:59, the prices of items in the medal shop are reduced.

Wednesday, April 15 2015

Victory road

It will run from 4/15 to 5/3 23:59. Mid event ranking prizes will be given on 4/24, end event ranking prizes on 6/3.

Event's flow:
-Click on the big blue button to initiate a match between your team and the team displayed. (Purple is to check the rankings, little blue button is to use a rush ticket)
-Win the match to win an event point and raise your successive number of victories.
-If you lose, your counter will go back to 0 and you'll win the prize you reached on the side.

Multiply your event points by 2.

Rush ticket
Raise the condition of your players for 5 matches.

You can also win various training balls against special teams present at some points during a streak.

Thursday, April 9 2015

Double Tsubasa points campaign

From 4/9 18:00 to 4/16 17:59 the amount of Tsubasa points given for selling players, in scenario and league modes are doubled.

Wednesday, April 1 2015

Crush the Golden-23!

It will last from 4/1 to 4/14 23:59.

How to play
-Choose an area. The players shown are the ones who'll show up.
-Click on the green button. (First blue button is to change area, second is to use a rush ticket).
-Get 4 or 8 event points along with no bonus, or a bonus of 50, 100, 200 Tsubasa points or 10, 30 or 100 Friend points.
-Or get an automatic confrontation against one of the area's player. You'll earn event points equals to the number of confrontations won multiplied by the grade of the player (2 for silver, 3 for gold, 4 for platinum).
-Once you've won 100 confrontation against each player of an area, you'll face the boss of this current area, who'll have much better skills and you will need to win 300 confrontations against him to beat him.
-Clearing the bosses will make you face even stronger, secret bosses, you'll need to 4.000 confrontations against them. If they are defeated, they'll net you a platinum road to 2002 ticket.
There is an "encouter rate" in each area changing over time. In the area screen, look in the top right box in white. 低め means low, 普通 means usual, 高め means high.
There is the usual 10 minutes fever time as well as definite fever time (some of the hours know are 11:00 - 12:00 and 21:00 - 22:00 japanese time), and guerilla fever (random fever hours and half-hours).
Rush tickets will allow you to have sure confrontations during 5 minutes.
There are many factors taken into account for the probability of a successful confrontation.
-Position your starting members correctly (do not put a DF as a FW for example).
-The Block stat is very important, although they're suggesting it may not be the only important stat.
-Use the newest gold or more Golden-23 cards.

Ranking prizes will be given on 4/15.

Tuesday, March 17 2015

Tsubasa mission

It will last from 3/17 to 3/31.

Event's flow:

  • Click on the event's banner, then the event's window. you'll see a screen of the missions you'll be able to start, with their team overall, amount of play point spent per click, requirements in points and time.
  • Clicking on the screen again will make a "mission" pop up. The timer will start and there will be a green button.Click on the green button to perform the mission, spending play points.
  • You will either get random prizes or be able to start a match. To start the match, click on the red button. You must win those matches.
  • To complete the mission, you must meet its point requirements within time limit. You get points by winning matches and scoring goals. If you succeed, you'll see a "Mission clear" screen, with the corresponding reward.
  • Winning enough B rank missions unlock A rank missions, and so on. Once unlocked, you can chose any of them on the left.
  • You get bronze tickets for B missions, silver for A... Dream for SSS.

Other details:
Rush tickets will improve your team for 5 matches.

SSS: 30 points, unlocked after 30 SS missions completed.
SS: 15 points, unlocked after 15 S missions completed.
S: 10 points, unlocked after 10 A missions completed.
A: 5 points, unlocked after 5 B missions completed.
B: 1 point.

There are also daily missions giving various prizes:
Monday: Rush ticket x 1
Tuesday: 283,000 Tsubasa points
Wednesday: Tsubasa medals x 10
Thursday: Gold+ fusion ball x 1
Friday: Stamina drink x 1
Saturday: Platinum training ball x 1
Sunday: Stamina drink x 1

There are Emergency missions as well, they are the same as regular missions, but all types are unlocked, it's only available at certain times.

Missions gives you 2002/G23/V tickets (with surely a high probability of getting mostly 2002), but ranking prizes are giving you G23/V tickets.

Tuesday, March 3 2015

Hyuga&Wakashimazu Golden-23

It will last from 3/3 until 3/16 23:59.

From your home screen, click on the event banner.
-Top most button are to check the daily rankings (green), and the rules (blue).
-On the bottom, leftmost button is to use a special charge (to fill the special shot jauge).
-Next blue button is to use a rush ticket (100% chance of shooting a panel, higher chances of special shot triggering).
-Green button is to shoot.
-Rightmost button is to use a special shot (destroying all panels remaining).

Middle prizes ranking will be given during 3/10, end event prize rankings during 3/17.

Tuesday, February 3 2015

17th PK event

It will last from 2/3 to 2/16.

Prizes will be given on 2/17.

No registration is required.

Event's flow

  1. Click on the event picture.
  2. Select the number of play points to use.
  3. Select an area to shoot at.
  4. Scoring will give you one victory, victory count will be reset if failed.
  5. Win prizes depending on your number of victories.

More details

  1. Using more play points improve your shooter's stats.
  2. Scoring chances depends on the shoot, power and technique stats.
  3. Using 10 play points will make you score for sure (as the game interface suggest, you can only do this 5 times in a single streak).
  4. Everyone in your starting eleven is shooting in order, FW, MF, DF, GK.
  5. Stats are boosted during fever (only random fever might be present, no definite fever hour).
  6. Rush tickets raise your stats.

Keepers Keepers are changing after a certain number of victories.

Wednesday, October 23 2013

Scenario updated

The World Youth tournament scenario is up. Click on Natureza's face.

You need to have an *ALL CLEAR* message on the previous ones to be able to click it.

Thursday, September 12 2013

14th Tsubasa challenge cup!

It will last from 9/12 to 9/18 23:59.

How to play
-Click on the big, green button. (First blue button is to check the rules, second is to use a rush ticket, first small green button is to send a friend request, last is to check the daily rankings.).
-Clicking on the green button will make the red counter go down.
-Once the counter reaches 0, you'll have the choice to play against 3 random teams. The stronger the team, the more event points you'll get.

Rush tickets will make you face weaker teams. It can't be used on the opponent selection screen. They'll last 10 minutes.
Event points are doubled during a fever.
Event point can also be multiplied if you use Road to 2002 cards among your starters (check the rules, there are pictures).
The bonuses will be higher depending on grade, version (offense, defense or balance), and if the card is at max level. They aren't cumulative.

I won't be putting prizes list anymore.However:
Once per day, winning 2 matches grants you:

  • 1 x Gold or more drawing ticket & 1 star.

After the event, you'll get one prize depending on the number of stars you've collected.

  • 2-3: 1 x Gold or more drawing ticket.
  • 4-5: 1 x Gold+ or more drawing ticket.
  • 6-7: 1 x Platinum or more drawing ticket.

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